New Home Buyer? 5 Must Have Essentials for You!

Shopping for and buying a new home is not for the faint of heart. It can be challenging to keep up with everything you need to accomplish as a new home buyer, and that is just to get to the closing table.

You probably made all sorts of lists while you were approaching your closing date and getting ready for your big move. Do you have the right paperwork? What about that last inspection? Are the utilities turned on? Will your furniture fit in the dining room?

Just like anything else, you are probably going to need a few additional things to make your life easier and safer once you move in. Here are five essentials that you should put on your list as a new home buyer.

1. Window Treatments

Unless your home is incredibly secluded or already has window treatments from a previous owner, you will want to purchase some to add privacy to your indoor space. If you are custom-ordering these, you may wish to do so well before move-in. You have several options:


Photo by Noelle Otto from Pexels

Sure, blinds can be unruly and collect dust, but there are a ton of options in blinds for your home. From vertical to horizontal blinds and materials ranging from wood to vinyl to aluminum, these are versatile window treatments. They also do not retain a lot of moisture and are simple to clean. But, depending on your window sizes, you might need to place a special order.