Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox is catching on FIRE!

Microsoft’s Next-Gen Xbox is Catching on FIRE!

It isn’t really unusual for game console makers to release new consoles with a couple different options. In this case Microsoft has released two brand new consoles from the first day of launching, and that is very unusual indeed. Make no mistake – Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox is catching on FIRE!

There is a huge difference between these two consoles, with Xbox Series X being the more powerful and expensive version by far. New games released will be backward compatible with previous versions of Xbox, at least for the initial wave of games being released.

Microsoft is also making its game-streaming service available, and xCloud will allow you to play games without having any Xbox hardware at all. All games played on the new consoles will look better, since the consoles will be equipped with more powerful graphics hardware.

More realistic lighting technology will make them seem more natural as well. In some cases, games will even seem more responsive, due to the greater support for frame rates which can go up to 120fps.