How to Make That Forgotten Room in Your Home into Your New Favorite Space

By Devon Garner Posted in LIFESTYLE

If you are a homeowner and feeling cramped, it might be tempting to investigate an addition to your home or chucking it all and sizing up to something bigger. But, sometimes, there are other options.

Maybe you have some unused space that you can repurpose into something better. If you have not figured out the best use for that extra bedroom, attic, or basement yet, here are some of the ways you can make it into your new favorite space.

Home Office

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Now that more people are working either part-time or full-time from home, it is important that you feel comfortable and productive. Even if you are not working from home, you might want a home office to deal with bill payments, investments, or ongoing education.

Maximize your home office space by choosing the right desk and seating. Then make sure you have sufficient lighting and storage to keep your files, papers, and office supplies organized. Technology is essential when working from home, so take a close look at your current internet system. You might want to upgrade to a whole-house WiFi mesh system that will give you better results.

Finally, color-coordinate your office or pick a theme that will inspire you to get down to business.

Library/Reading Room

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Reading room

Maybe you do not work from home but just want a quiet and peaceful place to relax with a good book. Having floor to ceiling bookshelves would be a dramatic touch, but it is not necessary.

Choose some sturdy but stylish bookcases to store your favorite tomes, and then put your collection in an order that makes the most sense to you. Add some classic elements to your library, such as bookends, framed prints, ornate lamps, and a bust of your favorite orator or author.

Above everything else, make sure you have comfortable seating. Bring in a fluffy chair or couch with plenty of pillows so that you can relax the day or evening away while turning the pages.

Home Gym


In addition to working at home, people are also exercising more at home for a variety of reasons. Whether you are into lifting weights, cardio, or yoga, you might be able to transform some of the extra space in your home into the ideal home gym or fitness studio.

Depending on the size of the room, you might have space for just one piece of equipment, like a stationary bike or treadmill. Otherwise, you may be able to have one of these machines and some other items like weights, resistance bands, and a medicine ball.

If you want some guidance for your workout or something to distract you, it would be a good idea to equip your room with a smart tv and stereo system. Include some inspirational pictures or photos on the wall, and do not forget to include plenty of storage to keep everything tidy.

Game Room


You do not have to be a kid to love games. A game room in your home can be your exclusive retreat or a focal point for entertaining. You can transform a basement or spare room into the ultimate gaming space that suits your needs and style.

What do you love to play? Pool? Ping-pong? Darts? Video games? Set up your game room with your favorite items and make sure you include creature comforts like seating and snacks.

If you are going to bring in full-scale games like pool or foosball, measure your space carefully to ensure that you have plenty of room to maneuver. And do not forget the extra items like a scoreboard, a television for game day, and speakers or a jukebox for music.


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Decorate your game room with a theme that celebrates a favorite sports team or movie franchise (think, Star Wars) and make sure you invest in the right lighting.

Arts & Crafts Room


Whether you are into sewing, painting, woodworking, scrapbooking, jewelry making, or some other type of art or craft, you may be able to find a space in your home to accommodate your hobby.

Your work area should be the centerpiece of your space. A table, desk, or easel can be the place where you do your arts or crafting magic. The right type of lighting is vital, as are enough electrical outlets so that you can plug in any devices or power tools you use.

In addition, you can surround your arts and crafts room with pegboards and colorful storage bins to keep your space organized. Another idea is to hang a whiteboard or tack board on the wall where you can sketch out or track your vision for different projects.

Do not forget to add plenty of color and decorations to your arts and crafts room to inspire creativity.

Dream Closet

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No one ever looks around their home and declares that they have too much storage space. Maybe you are working on amassing a world record shoe collection or just need space for all of those holiday decorations.

If you are going to build the ultimate closet space, spend some time on the design aspects before you start your project. Determine what shelves, drawers, and hooks you want and what your plans are for each of them.

In addition to these items, you will need effective lighting so that you can find the right pair of shoes or the Halloween door wreath when you need it. If you are going to put clothing in this closet, consider adding some seating, a rug, and a mirror to complete the effect.

Extra Room

Home improvement tips: mirror in foyer

Do you feel cramped when relatives visit or dream about turning a part of your home into a money-maker through a site like Airbnb? The perfect space for an extra room or apartment might be right under your nose or above your head.

See if you can convert a walk-out basement or large attic space into an extra room. If the plumbing is present, you can even include a full bathroom or kitchen area. Decorate the space to suit your tastes, and you might want to spend as much time in it as your guests.

The Garage

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Tools garage

Is your garage stuffed floor to ceiling with bikes, tools, and random items that you don’t want in your home? If so, that’s typical, but you might be missing a golden opportunity.

With the right storage solutions and a garage sale or two, you can get many items off of your floor and open up the space for something more productive. Use wall hooks, storage bins, and even your ceiling to free up some square footage in your garage.

Once you can see the floor again, think about all the ways you can use the space. Some ideas include a music studio, home gym, yoga studio, or home workshop.

Porch Living Room

Porch Living Room

Many homeowners fail to realize the massive potential for living space in their own backyards – literally. Your porch may be ideally suited as an outdoor living space after a few adjustments.

Anchor the space with some comfortable outdoor furniture and then accent it with a large rug and weather-proof decorations. If the space permits, consider an outdoor kitchen and table for entertaining and meals.

Before you make any sudden moves, such as putting your house up for sale or knocking down a wall, look at the unused space you have in your home. You might have plenty of opportunities to turn that neglected or forgotten room into the most useful and cherished room in your home.