Playing Outdoor Sports for Perfect Health

By Brian Mack Posted in SPORTS

Our bodies are designed to move, not sit still. When we stop being active, our health begins to decline.

What better way to get moving – and enjoy perfect health – than by playing outdoor sports?

Outdoor Sports Biking with friends

Any movement is better than none, but forcing yourself to go to the gym a few times a week was never the best way to achieve perfect health. However, as of this writing, we don’t even have that option. So, how can you still get that necessary exercise?

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recommends adults get 150-300 minutes of moderate or 75-150 minutes of intense physical activity a week.

Participating in an outdoor sport is the ideal way to achieve that goal easily – and so much more.


What Defines a Sport?

Sports is defined as “competitive physical activity that improves physical ability and skills while providing entertainment to the participants, and in some cases, spectators.”

Sports have been around since humans have been on the planet. Some of the oldest sports in the world include:

ease into a fitness routine, don't run 5 miles the first day
Outdoor Sports Archery
Outdoor Sports Javelin-throw
Javelin Throwing

Outdoor Sports Polo Horses
Outdoor Sports Basketball with friends
Various Ball Games

Playing a sport well requires muscle groups to work in an integrated, functional manner in order to achieve success, rather like a sports team itself. Compare that with going to the gym, where muscles are typically worked in isolation. We all tend to work with our strengths, but the reality is that we need to develop and strengthen in all areas.

For most of us, the gym feels like something we “have” to do, whereas playing a sport is something we look forward to doing – notice how we use the word “play” when talking about sports. The gym remains a valid and important option that can add value to our lives; it’s just not the same.

What About Solitary Outdoor Sports?

Solitary activities that are also considered sports shouldn’t be excluded. An essential aspect of any competition is competing against yourself as well as others. It’s the challenge to excel, as well as the enjoyment that is an integral part of sports.

Sports activities that may be done in a group or singly include:

Ice Skating
Outdoor Sports Basketball with friends
Outdoor Sports Golf


Outdoor Sports Rollerblading
Outdoor Sports Jogging
Outdoor Sports Hooping
ease into a fitness routine, don't run 5 miles the first day
Outdoor Sports Swimming

The Benefits of Playing Sports

According to a Swedish study, people who are active in sports are, in general, healthier than those who do not.

Physical Benefits

Mental, Emotional, Spiritual Benefits

Benefits from participating in sports cross over into multiple areas in life.
Possessing a healthier body, mind, and spirit through sports doesn’t pull on economic resources, but rather contributes to them through more confident, positive attitudes and actions.

The Benefits of Being Outdoors

Being outdoors is as simple as walking out of your home; the back yard, parks, and designated walkways are easy to access and are low cost or free. No one can deny the wonderful feeling that comes from being outside in the fresh air, having senses engaged, and simply enjoying the beauty of nature.
Many indoor sports can be taken outside, like cycling, archery, tennis, running, swimming, etc.

Physical Benefits

Mental, Emotional, Spiritual Benefits

These benefits include:

Playing Outdoor Sports = Perfect Health

Be sure to warm up, cool down, and stretch to avoid injury.
Outdoor exercise has been called "green exercise" because it combines all the health benefits of physical activity with those of simply being in nature, exponentially. Research shows that green environments improve both self-esteem and mood, with been greater results when water is present.
Let's remember that the indoor gym setting is a recent invention, compared to the long history of sports. Gyms serve an important function in many ways, but as a species, we have historically gotten our physical exercise by working hard just to survive. That involved hunting, fishing, food preparation, laundry, all activities mostly done outdoors. History also shows the presence of sports as an integral part of our ancestors' lives. Although useful today, there was no need to perform repetitive tasks inside a building set aside for that purpose; exercise came through survival techniques.
It's no wonder, then, that participating in outdoor sports combines the innumerable benefits of sports with the additional benefits of being outside. Contrast forcing yourself to go to the gym a few times a week with engaging in regular sports activities that you genuinely enjoy and sports wins, every time.
And playing outdoor sports? Now you're looking at perfect health in every area.
If you don’t already have a favorite sport or two, find one that you enjoy. If you’re trying a new sport, give it a few tries before deciding it’s not for you.
 Have fun along the way and expect exceptional results!