How the Lakers Won the 2020 NBA Championship

Credits: yahoo! sports

There is no question that the 2020 National Basketball Association season was a highly disruptive one, and that it called for even more internal fortitude than usual, just to complete the season. Coronavirus played a major role in all that disruption, and it even caused the playoffs to be conducted in a bubble, which protected players and team personnel from coming into contact with outsiders and potentially the Coronavirus. This was necessary to avoid the usual travel between all the cities involved in the playoffs.

It took quite a while just to come up with a viable plan for resuming the NBA season after it was halted. Once the season did resume however, there was a brief period where all the contenders battled for playoff spots, before the extraordinary bubble version of the playoffs were held at Disney World. Once those playoffs began, it did not take long for the Los Angeles Lakers to show that they were determined to make a serious run, and hopefully to capture their 17th championship title. Here’s how Lakers’ leaders guided their team through the successive rounds of the playoffs, to reach the finals.